The evolution of the warrior.

From top to bottom: 

Greek warrior - 600 BC.

Roman Centurion - 100 BC.

Persian warrior - 6th century. 

Viking warriors - 10th century.

Samurai warrior - 16th century.

Continental Army soldiers - 1775 / The American Revolutionary War.

German Wehrmacht soldier - 1940 / Second world war.

U.S Army soldier - Korean war / Vietnam war.

U.S Army soldier - Afghanistan war / 2014. 

Polish special forces / GROM - 2014.

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yo theres a dude called gunsammomilitary posting the exact same pictures minutes after you post them on your blog. is it your second blog or something?

God no. His blog is awful, way below my standards, and his theme is horrendous. Anyway, I’m not the only person he’s taking images from, even though a lot of my pics end up there. 

The worst part is he’s not even trying to hide it or anything. Seconds after I’ve posted a picture it can be up on his blog. Like he doesn’t care, even a little bit how much of an asshole he is. 

God i hate that guy.